Crystal Bowl Sound Healing: What Is It, And How It Works

Have you been considering getting a crystal bowl for sound healing but are unsure how it works and what it does?

You may have heard or experienced the calming effect of singing bowls. But how do they work? Imagine any musical  instrument; these bowls work similarly by using friction and vibration to create the sound we hear. They can make different sounds depending on their qualities and circumstances.

In the past few years, singing bowls have intrigued musicians and researchers, and they have been eager to understand how they may facilitate the frequency for wellness.

The science behind the sounds singing bowls create is nothing extraordinary, but how they work as an element of healing is not yet established.

According to a study published in the Journal of Evidence-Based Integrative Medicine, sound therapy, including the use of singing bowls, has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety in participants.


How Do Singing Bowls Work?

Use a mallet to strike the bowl or rub its rim. This action gives birth to vibrations, which create the sound you experience. Continuing the activity creates friction and keeps the sound playing, which you may call resonance. It is the sound you hear after ceasing contact between the mallet and the singing bowl.

However, the note you hear usually differs between mallets and singing bowls. Most of them comprise copper, silver, iron, or bronze alloy. So, if you choose a crystal bowl, it will produce a different sound from the others. Similarly, every mallet will sound different.

The weight, shape, and size of the singing bowl, too, can affect the produced tones. If you add water to the bowl, the note will change. A cushioned bowl will create softer sounds. Either way, you can use them to help you find your inner frequency.

Journal of Complementary and Alternative Medicine reported that crystal bowl sound healing sessions were associated with improved sleep quality in individuals with sleep disorders.

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Using Singing Bowls with Water

Most studies depicting how singing bowls work tested bowls filled with water. Several studies observed how water reacts when playing with a singing bowl.

The studies discovered that the bowl’s rim changes shape as it is played. The bowl’s energy transfers to the water, and this water makes waves, creating drops of water that skip and bounce on the surface. This phenomenon is called Faraday waves.

This research went beyond sound healing or acoustic music; Faraday waves apply to intricate worldly processes like fuel injection. Water changes the bowl’s frequency. It typically reduces and produces a prolonged and deeper resonance.

Sound healers often use singing bowls filled with water to produce extra tones for therapy and meditation. The process singing bowls work in is based on physics. But the effects they have on our bodies are yet to acquire scientific evidence.

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Physical Effects of Singing Bowls

physical effects of singing bowls

There have been studies on the effects singing bowls have on our bodies. However, the evidence has been contradictory. One of the problems behind it must have been the studies themselves, which focused on the benefits of using singing bowls instead of proving that they can heal various ailments.

While some claim that there is no proof that sound therapy redirects or unlocks blocked energy in the body, some have advocated using sound healing with traditional medicine and treatment. Sound therapy may be capable of reducing stress hormones.

While there is a long way to go to understand if you can attain spiritual enlightenment with the help of singing bowls, many users report reduced anxiety, sleep disorders, and chronic pain using sound therapy.

The right sound can help us relax and feel good. Singing bowls create vibrations. Since we are all made of energy, and vibrations are a form of energy, they can influence our emotional, physical, and spiritual selves.


Final Words:

Sound healing can be an alternative remedy for our mental and physical problems, or it could simply be part of our daily requirement for relaxation. Tibetan singing bowls have been in use for thousands of years. If there was no base to it, they would have ceased to exist.

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FAQs: Crystal Bowl Sound Healing

What are the effects of crystal bowls?

They are popular for therapeutic purposes, such as stress reduction, deep relaxation, and experiencing a sense of calm. Many people use them for improving focus, meditating, and supporting their overall well-being.

How do you use a crystal sound bowl?

Place it on a surface and strike the bowl’s rim with a mallet gently. It will create a resonant sound. You may also circularly rub the mallet around the rim to create a soft resonating sound.

Do singing bowls really work?

People have been using singing bowls for centuries and believe this item to have various benefits. They use the bowls for meditation, relaxation, and encouraging balance and harmony.

What frequency is Crystal Sound Bowl?

It can create different frequencies depending on the shape, size, and composition. Typically, they are associated with chakra frequencies or musical notes, like B (Crown Chakra), A (Third Eye Chakra), G (Throat Chakra), F (Heart Chakra), E (Solar Plexus Chakra), D (Sacral Chakra), and C (Root Chakra).