FREQ 01: Connected

Frequency: 396HZ - Liberating Guilt and Fear / Turning Grief into Joy

Chakra: Root

Color: Red

Vibrate on the Frequency of being connected - to my Higher Self, others and the Earth, a calming energy.

Mantra I am grounded. I am connected. I am relaxed. I am.


My connection to my Higher Self and others grounds me and liberates me, rooting me in my power.


FREQ 02: Creativity

Frequency: 417HZ – Undoing Situations/Facilitating Change

Chakra: Sacral

Color: Orange

Vibrate on the Frequency of creativity – manifest energy.

Mantra I feel inspired, I feel courageous, I feel enthusiastic. I feel.


My creativity opens all doors for me to render my greatest success.

FREQ 03 : Power

Frequency 528 HZ: Transformation and Miracles

Chakra: Solar Plexus

Color: Yellow

Vibrate on the Frequency of power – motivated energy.

Mantra I do all confidently, I do all compassionately, I do all transformatively. I do.


My power drives and motivates my strongest restorative actions.

FREQ 04 : Love

Frequency: 639HZ – Connecting/Relationships

Chakra: Heart

Color: Green

Vibrate on the Frequency of love - compassion and kind energy.

Mantra I love myself, I love others, I love all. I love.


My love unifies and empowers.

FREQ 05 : Truth

Frequency: 41HZ – Awakening Intuition

Chakra: Throat

Color: Blue

Vibrate on the Frequency of truth – brave and communicative energy.

Mantra I speak the truth, I speak purely, I speak honestly. I speak.


My truth encourages, enlightens and radiates integrity.

FREQ 06 :Intuition

Frequency: 852HZ – Spiritual Order

Chakra: Third Eye

Color: Indigo

Vibrate on the Frequency of intuition –wise and insightful energy.

Mantra I see an awakening, I see spiritual knowledge, I see harmony. I see


My intuition guides me, deepens my awareness and expands my mind.

FREQ 07 :transcendence

Frequency: 963HZ – Transcendence - Pure Consciousness Energy - Our True Nature -Return to Oneness

Chakra: Crown

Color: Violet

Vibrate on the Frequency of transcendence – pure consciousness energy.

Mantra I understand life, I understand me, I understand you. I understand.


My transcendence frees me and elevates my actions to be greater than myself.