vibrating On a higher frequncy

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Connected about us

Higher Frequencies seeks to elevate social consciousness through a wide span of product offerings and teachings promoting health, connectedness, and enlightenment. Our company DNA and philosophy are drawn from spiritual teachings across many disciplines. Our guiding principles are spirituality, ancient philosophies and practices, the elements of life, the vibration of color and thought, and the power of music and sound. Higher Frequencies seeks to elevate your individual frequencies, to evolve the collective frequencies and to provide the opportunity to be the best version of ourselves – to love and be loved. Vibrating on a Higher Frequency. Welcome to the HF Tribe. Come Vibe with us.

Higher Frequencies thought-provoking apparel represents our cultures, tribes, and emotions. The universe is made of energy, we are all connected to and a part of one energy source that guides our behaviors and interactions. The clothing we wear, the messages we allow to enter our ears and eyes, the energy’s we allow our touch and feel to commune with, should represent our part in it. Ensuring the alignment with the frequencies that elevate, expand, promote love, and transcend. We strive to be conduits of these frequencies within every part of our collective minds, bodies, and spirits – this allows us all to vibrate on Higher Frequencies and celebrate the collective vibes of our tribes. What’s the vibe of your tribe?