Accessing Higher Frequencies: An Introduction to the Map of Consciousness

Consciousness, as defined, is the state of being awake or aware of one’s surroundings. We hear the term "being awake" quite often these days, but when asked what it means in terms of our spiritual practice, few can articulate it. Higher Frequencies draws inspiration from the Map of Consciousness, which is based on spirituality and science to add some guidance and direction.

It is said that all things vibrate at specific frequencies, especially all that ever is or was radiates a frequency and a vibration as a permanent imprint in the impersonal field of consciousness and can be observed through consciousness itself.

The Map of Consciousness by Dr. Hawkins

The Map of Consciousness by Dr. Hawkins

However, until the second half of the 20th century, there was little to connect how we view this through a spiritual and scientific lens; that is, until Dr. David Hawkins developed, researched, and shared with the public the Map of Consciousness.

Dr. Hawkins was a Zen Buddhist, and by the time he was 38, he was a world-renowned psychiatrist. But he was facing deathly illness himself until he turned completely and surrendered himself to “god,” at which point he fell into oblivion. His mind and mental patterns disappeared and were replaced by presence, “an infinite all-encompassing awareness which is radiant, complete, total, silent and still.” It led to a state of non-duality in which each living thing is aware of every other, that all are interconnected, in communication and harmony, using awareness and sharing the basic quality of the essence of existence itself.

And so, the work on the Map of Consciousness and his path out of traditional medicine began as he left his practice and moved to Sedona, eventually developing the Map of Consciousness and becoming the Director and Founder of the Institute for Spiritual Wellness and founder of the Path for Devotional Non-Duality.

The breakthrough in developing the Map of Consciousness followed Dr. John Diamonds’ developments in the field of Behavior Kinesiology, which uses the basic testing techniques of applied kinesiology but focuses on the factors of the patient’s surroundings and lifestyle that raise and lower the body's energy; as all things we experience with our senses affect our body’s vital energy.

Furthermore, as we vibrate at a certain frequency, we have a field of dominance that works in concert, called attractor fields, to bring the same or similar energy into our spectrum. These attractor fields process in a manner that leads to observable experiences.

By knowing where one is on the Map of Consciousness, one can look to raise their frequency through associating with people, places, and things that vibrate higher, and using their own mind to focus on thoughts that help them vibrate higher, allowing us to align with ourselves and others in raising our individual and collective frequencies.

The Map of Consciousness was developed with the use of the new field of Behavior Kinesiology. The Map is logarithmic. Dr. Hawkins hired a statistician to make sure the logarithms were correct. He also did a few hundred thousand tests over the years with patients to further refine and define the map, presenting the information in various studies and his initial book - Power vs. Force.

The Purpose of The Map of Consciousness

The Purpose of The Map of Consciousness

The Map of Consciousness looks to add definition to the entire spectrum of consciousness from the lower levels of Shame, Guilt, Apathy, Fear, Anger, and Pride; to Courage, Acceptance, and Reason, then rising to the higher levels of Love Ecstasy, Peace, and Enlightenment. For each level, there is an associated vibration or frequency ranging from 100 (Fear) to 1000 (Transcendence). Each level is expanded by defining the God View, Life View, Emotion, and Process.

The God View explains how the individual views God. One at the lower spectrum might view God as judgmental and punishing. Those at a higher level of consciousness view God as benevolent, wise, infinitely loving, and merciful.

The Life View explains how one views themselves. At lower levels, one has a negative view of themselves and projects this hatred onto the world. At higher levels, one becomes more accepting of themselves and others, such as the “be as you are” attitude. The Emotions column is more classical in definition and aligns with the stages found in the perennial philosophy, psychoanalysis, and various religious traditions.

Lastly, the Process column refers to the manifestation of what is going on and where we are in consciousness itself.

We cannot change ourselves or the world by addressing the symptom, Rather, we must address the source and connect to the source, and the Map of Consciousness gives us the necessary guidance to do so. We can use it to find ourselves closer to spiritual enlightenment.

Suggested Readings: Power vs. Force by Dr. David Hawkins; The Map of Consciousness Defined by Dr. David Hawkins; Your Body Doesn’t Lie by Dr. John Diamond.