What is Sacred Geometry? What Should We Know About It?

Sacred geometry refers to the studying of spiritual meaning. The Urban Dictionary defines it as the underlying geometry in nature. It applies to everything related to patterns, forms, and numbers in the natural world.

The idea of sacred geometry is that all consciousness is based on it, including us. It creates balance. It is old and dates back to the ancient Mesopotamian and Egyptian cultures. However, people started to learn about it much later. Renowned philosophers like Plato and Pythagoras popularized it.

Benefits of Sacred Geometry - How to Use It?

Benefits of Sacred Geometry - How to Use It?

Since it explains that we are connected to everything, and everything is connected to us, you can look closely into different patterns around you and find comfort.

Patterns in trees and mandala art are only two examples for our easy understanding. We may not usually pay attention to them. But when we do, we will indulge in something more, like their physical significance and your sense of aligning with nature.

Sacred geometry patterns provide you with focal points people use for meditation. Often, we don these symbols as apparel or jewelry to activate our meditative state. And as we know, meditation helps achieve what we may only imagine as impossible or insignificant, that which is more valuable than what we think is important.

Let’s dive deeper.

Sacred Geometry - The Flower of Life

It is a sacred geometric form, the symbol of creation. It is a group of seven overlapping circles unifying to form a flower. It is created by making a circle, going to its edge, and making another. Each circle is equal and starts one radius away from the surrounding ones.

You may have noticed it in a tattoo, spiritual art, or nature. The flower of life is a sign of protection. It harnesses blessing, creative energy, and fertility. You may have heard of it as the seed of life.

Sacred Geometry in Music

We can hear sacred geometry. We may find some songs peaceful and harmonious because of the combination of specific notes. These are vibrations, something you can measure mathematically.

Sound bathing helps relieve the mind and body of negative energy. Read more about sound healing here.

Sacred Geometry in Nature

How can we not talk about nature when we are part of it? You can find sacred patterns on a turtle or snail’s shell, a snowflake, or the center of a sunflower. When we involve ourselves in these, we perceive and feel the energy patterns, often responding without realizing it.

Our fingerprint patterns, a spider’s cobweb, a lizard’s skin, a fish’s scale, the patterns on a butterfly’s wings, everything around us is natural sacred geometry. They are beautiful and form a balance and strength that helps us connect with something higher than ourselves.

Common Sacred Geometry Shapes

Common Sacred Geometry Shapes


You can relate triangles to our body, mind, and spirit. They symbolize balance. When pointed upward, a triangle indicates raising consciousness, and a downward triangle can be associated with feminine energy and reproduction.


A circle is universal, eternal, and an unending loop. It has no beginning, and it has no end. In sacred geometry, circles are considered a symbol of oneness.

If you have studied math in detail and remember pi, you may be able to recall this unending shape. A pi is an irrational number that never ends or repeats.


Squares demonstrate strength and reliability. They are solid, safe, and stable. Equal in shape from every side. Buildings, windows, tiles, books, and photo frames are mostly based on a square shape.


A Spiral is a strange yet inevitable shape. For instance, the earth spirals around the sun. It refers to the expression - as above, so below. Spiral is referred to as the Golden Ratio or Fibonacci sequence.

Its physical manifestation in numbers would start with two 1s, and each following number is the sum of the previous two numbers, such as 1,1,2,3,5,8,13…

Final Words

The existence of sacred geometry is eternal and can be observed in the tiniest to the colossal level. It is all around us, in nature, music, and everything else we can think of. Understanding it and its significance can be highly beneficial.