Spiritual Enlightenment

"Open your mind, fill your heart, create your destiny and awaken your soul."

We are living in a fascinating time, science is finally catching up to the spiritual teachings on which many of us base our faith. Our tribes seek to provide answers and spiritual enlightenment through routine interactions. Our energies become connected and our frequencies are elevated. Gatherings of tribes and energies can be found in all sorts of settings, where tribes meet to elevate their consciousness. There is no judgment here, only the rule that all must come from a place of being heart-centered, with no judgment, and only acceptance for the diversity of practices and tribes from all our brothers and sisters. Should spirit move you, please share with us the stories of your tribes, the rituals surrounding them and the Higher Frequencies they’ve allowed you and your tribe to reach in our individual and collective pursuit of spiritual enlightenment. @hftribes #hftribes #hftribesspirituality #hftribesspiritualenlightment