Discipline in Speaking – Your Word is Your Wand

“Owing to the vibratory power of words, whatever man voices, he begins to attract.”

Florence Scouvel Shinn.

“So shall my word be that of my mouth; it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.”

Isaiah 55:11


We are more powerful than we think. The sooner we realize, the sooner we can manifest our dreams through actions and behaviors.

The source energy, the universe or the divine, as we may call it, is always listening to our words. We must remember that our word is our wand. With every word we utter or think, we communicate to the universe our deepest wishes, wants, and, unfortunately, our fears. Our words put forth a chain of events that can be positive or negative.

It is of utmost importance that we choose our words wisely and intend to manifest the life we want and we deserve.


Self-talk: Establishing Our Position in the Universe

Let’s start by addressing self-talk as this can either set you up for failure or success. Self-talk projects your feelings about yourself and your situation into the universe. One must be careful not to project thoughts of failure or negativity.

It will only do two things:

1) It will create a negative self-image of yourself and have you leaning into negative emotions

2) It is essentially asking the universe for more misgivings

Negative self-talk is like being stuck in a quicksand as it will get you nowhere quickly. Instead, through positive affirmations even during difficult times, we can keep pushing toward our destiny.

Instead of speaking negatively, when times are difficult, ask yourself what lessons you can learn from the current situation and what application you can use to forward your pursuit for personal and business success. Keep the conversation with yourself positive, forward-moving, and uplifting.

As in the opening quotes, it needs to be restated that through our speech, we create roots of manifestation. The vibration of our speech and the words that compromise it brings things into existence.

We are not just referring to the words themselves here, but also the tone and inflection in your voice. The lower frequency you speak, the more subject you will be to negative emotions.

You must also contemplate before thinking. Once you realize that your words have power, you understand you don't want to just speak the first thing that comes to mind. It helps to pause and think when responding to someone or something. Take a moment to make sure the words selected and the tone expressed are going to move the conversation in a positive direction and not cause disruption or negativity.


Clarity in Voicing Our Words - Communicate, Not Opinionate

We waste energy trying to convince the other party to see it our way or by talking in circles, leading to energy depletion for all parties involved. It is especially true when our speech lacks the concentration of contemplation. If we pause and pick which words to project, we not only bring the situation to the center verbally but also inject the situation with positivity and forward momentum.

Our words and how we use them direct the universe whether to deliver positive or negative momentum. It is up to us to decide through wordplay which one to fuel.

We must also remember that it is not just the verbal expression of words that causes the universe to react but also how we speak internally to ourselves. We are human, after all, and there are going to be times when we find ourselves spiraling into negative thoughts and wanting to vocalize negative energy.

An overactive mind that falls into negative speech can be redirected into positivity through several facets. Engaging in physical activity, such as running, working out, and yoga can help reframe the conversation with oneself and others in a positive light.

Physical activity also creates endorphins and activates our endocannabinoid system, taking us into a more positive state of being.

Other methods to purify speech are mantra repetition, prayer, reciting sacred texts, indigenous chants, and listening to music with positive messaging. Through all these modalities, we can not only cleanse our energy but also lean into developing the set and setting we would like to manifest in our reality. You must ensure that in any of these methods, you choose words that are uplifting, positive, and strengthening.

The other side of this, if we are not careful, is that we can create negative messages through any of the above methods. Then, negative messaging becomes engraved in our minds, our speech, and our reality

It is especially true in the lyrics of the music we listen to. As we sing along with our favorite song, we project those lyrics into the universe. If the lyrics are destructive and melancholy, we shouldn't be surprised when negative circumstances continue to come into our reality.

You can also choose to focus on something that brings light and love into your heart. By focusing on this thought and how it makes you feel, you can recalibrate your emotional response to what might be jarring you at the moment.

If you remember, the obstacle is how you can look at challenges as learning experiences and speak positivity into your reaction to any occurrence. It changes your perspective now in time and signals to the universe that you are learning and growing and accepting only positive energy in your life. If you are willing to look at life’s most difficult experiences with hope and optimism, the universe will respond accordingly.

Remember, discipline in speaking leads you to the presence of the divine, the source. It will keep you in good company as like attracts like.

Discipline in speaking will lead to the conservation of energy of the mind and body. It dissolves the impulse to talk without thinking, which can lead you down energy-depletion roads you don't want to travel. In summation, use words with discrimination, concentration, and contemplation. It will keep your energy positive, and those things you attract will be positive as well, thus, leading to the manifestation of your dreams.