How Discipline Is The Road to Liberation

Discipline is a word that most people do not like to hear as it can elicit feelings of restriction and punishment. However, through discipline, we can find ourselves on the road to liberation. It allows us to have total freedom, go beyond our limitations, and break through boundaries we thought were insurmountable.

Specifically, discipline involves controlling our senses and the illusions they create. In a world where sensory overload is prevalent through smartphones, digital billboards, and other media, one must be discerning about what they allow to shape their reality. What we take in through our senses has a direct impact on our overall health, including our mind, body, and soul.

When we lack discipline in our senses, we invite in all sorts of energies that do not serve us. These energies lead to exhaustion, dejection, depression, contempt, cynicism, shame, and a myriad of other emotions and health issues that hinder us from living our best life.

It is of utmost importance to control your senses and forgo momentary pleasures that can lead to negative emotions and misinterpretations in our pursuit of love and understanding – love and understanding of ourselves and others.


Specifically, we are speaking of the following disciplines:

Discipline In Seeing:


To have clarity in the picture you visually create about yourself and the environment you exist in, one must choose the imagery their eyes perceive. Additionally, be cautious of the energy you communicate through your eyes while interacting with others.


Discipline In Listening:


What you listen to carries not only messages but also vibrates on certain frequencies. If you are not discerning, you may subject yourself to negative frequencies and messages, leading to lower states of consciousness. Be receptive and attentive when others communicate with you, showing them respect by giving your undivided attention.Discipline In Eating:

The food we consume can be medicine or poison, depending on its nutritional value, sourcing, and quantity. Food carries energy, and processed foods and harmful addictive ingredients can lower our vibration. Opt for living foods and focus on eating just before you are full

Discipline In Speaking:


The power of the spoken word is profound, as what we speak into the universe becomes our reality. Be mindful of what you say to others and yourself, avoiding negativity. Embrace daily affirmations and mantras to raise your vibrations and promote kindness in your speech.

Discipline In Silence:


Silencing our senses allows us to turn within and directly connect to the source, experiencing oneness. Meditation serves as a way to achieve inner silence and align one's energy with the universe, detaching from physical action, talking, and excessive thinking.


Discipline In Thinking:


Our mind is our constant companion, shaping our view of who we are and the energy we project and carry. Having discipline in our thinking and the stories we tell ourselves is vital on the spiritual path until we become completely connected to the source.

The above is just a brief overview; we will explore these disciplines further in future posts and provide more information on how one can lead a disciplined life.