The Ins and Outs of The Love Frequency

What is love? Can we define it in language? Most likely not. It is beyond explanation and is often considered the most valuable emotion or feeling. It transcends life and death and can only be felt; even in the toughest of times.

If we try hard enough to describe it, love means to be connected and committed to someone or something. According to science, it is a powerful neurological condition.

We will still break this unexplainable feeling into being crazy in love, a mother’s love, love for friends, and passion.

While we may have failed to include all kinds of love here, there is one love beyond everything else - divine love.

So, what is divine love? It is the connection with the universe, whichever god or goddess you believe in. Irrespective of what we think is love, it feels good to love and be loved.

In ancient Greece, they used seven words to describe the various states of love.

  1. Storage: Natural affection
  2. Philia: Friendship
  3. Eros: Sexual and erotica
  4. Agape: Unconditional, divine love
  5. Ludus: Flirting
  6. Pragma: Committed, married love
  7. Philautia: Self-love

If you have been regular with our blogs, you should know everything around us is made up of vibrational frequencies, including the device you are using to read this to the same mind you are filling with this information. And just like that, there is a frequency of love. When we feel love, we vibrate at a higher frequency.

What is the Frequency of Love?

What is the Frequency of Love?

Frequency of love? Yes, love vibration frequency - 639 Hz - is part of the seven Solfeggio frequencies that surround our lives. This specific frequency resonates at the heart of everything; all love comes from our hearts and is not externally derived. It connects our hearts, spiritual ability, and the ability to attain unison with the universe.

You may be wondering why 528 Hz is nicknamed The Love Frequency. This frequency increases awareness, creativity, energy, and inner peace. It is considered miraculous and helps transform us.

While both are considered love frequencies, we are more inclined towards 639 Hz as the frequency of love because it is directly associated with the Heart Chakra, helping us tackle and balance negative feelings with positivity. Since it helps us maintain our heart chakra, it can direct us toward mending broken hearts and developing harmonious relationships.

How to Activate Love Frequency?

How to Activate Love Frequency?

Whatever you think is directly associated with the universe and impacts your energies. It is said that you become what you think.

Manifest What You Want

Yes, the power of manifestation is real. You have to be clear about what you want. But only wanting it once is less than enough. Instead, visualize it and try to make it real.

Be What You Want to Get

We all want to have our kind of people and elements in life. To achieve it, we must become what we want to attract; broaden our beliefs and be what we want.

Patience is Virtue

The universe has its way of unfolding. But we are mere fragments in it and cannot win over the supreme force that encompasses every fiber of the world. Life is like planting a seed and seeing it grow into a tree and bear fruits. We can nourish it during growth but not force it to produce results.

Be Grateful for Everything

We spend more time complaining about what we don’t have instead of being thankful for all we have. Unless we can do the unthinkable and be grateful for the little things in life, which many others do not, we will only feel like we have nothing.

Tuning into a higher frequency, like love frequency, attracts love in life and makes us more attractive. High-frequency feelings, such as love, gratitude, and appreciation boost our immune system for nearly eight hours, making our daily lives healthier and happier.

So, when do you want to start vibrating the highest frequencies?