639 Hz Frequency Benefits - Express Yourself with Pure Love This Valentine's Day

On Valentine’s Day, we express our deepest feelings to the love of our life. We look for love, want to fall in love, be with our lover, and give gifts, greetings, and flowers to tell them how much we love them. This year is not going to be any different. But are we vibrating at the right frequency, especially when approaching someone with love in our hearts?

At Higher Frequencies, our guidance is spiritual but practical. Although we must let go of expectations, it is undoubtedly hard to express love to someone and not expect them to revert the same. If doubt engulfs our mind and we feel like we need more assurance about a positive outcome, Solfeggio frequencies may be what we need.

We are talking about one specific Solfeggio frequency - 639 Hz to attract and manifest love.

What Does 639 Hz Do?

What Does 639 Hz Do?

The 639 Hz frequency is the fourth Solfeggio scale. It represents love, communication, understanding, and positivity. This frequency corresponds with the Heart Chakra and helps us reconnect with love for ourselves and others. Many people use this frequency to promote kindness and peace and mend relationships.

It can turn the most troubled hearts into radiant, positive, and compassionate ones. When we are loving, kind, and peaceful, we attract the same energy into our lives. This frequency is in different music we listen to. But how can listening to music help us repair broken relationships?

It is something unexplainable for the most part but effective nonetheless. Here is an attempt at explaining the unexplainable.

By tuning into 639 Hz frequency, we stimulate our brain and body’s energy center relating to the heart, helping us enter the theta brain wave state and placing our body and mind into a calm, relaxed state.

This deep relaxation state allows us to regulate our subconscious mind, which we can use to relieve stress and trauma. We can use 639 Hz for meditation and yoga to access a deeper state of relaxation.

Listening to Solfeggio frequencies, 639 Hz frequency to be precise, can make us smile inside. Focusing on it fills our hearts with positive energy radiating out to the world. It helps us relieve ourselves of all negativity.

Love is more than a feeling and involves honest communication about how we feel and understanding others' feelings. It also teaches us tolerance. For example, we may not initially understand or agree with others. But since tolerance is another one of the benefits of 639 Hz frequency, we learn to tolerate and accept what others feel.

Of course, it does not mean we have to be accepting of hatred and abuse. But it enables us to realize why a person behaves in a specific way and how actions influence each other and everything around us. Knowing lets us make better decisions.

A Look Into 639 Hz Benefits

A Look Into 639 Hz Benefits

This specific frequency encompasses everything around the idea of love. Tuning into this frequency can help us:

  • Heal broken relationships through positive energy and love
  • Abandon envy, hate, jealousy, and intolerance
  • Communicate better with compassion and kindness
  • Develop new interpersonal relationships
  • Unclog the Heart Chakra and rebalance it
  • Attain peace and harmony

Final Thoughts

The 639 Hz frequency of love provides an easy way to ease ourselves and calm our minds. Those who want to attract love, mend relationships, or indulge in positivity, can use it to access subconscious trauma and change life. If you can implement this frequency in your life, you can make this Valentine’s day one to remember.