The Delusion of Maya and How it Relates to Witness Consciousness, Enlightenment, and Our Three Bodies

The word Maya is referenced in various religions, such as Hinduism and Buddhism. It is seen as an impediment to our spiritual growth.

Its literal translation is illusion or magic. More specifically, it states that the illusion or delusion of the physical world we perceive is not actually to our benefit and that each person’s perception is different.

This illusion is created by the signals one takes in through our 5 senses:

  1. Sight
  2. Smell
  3. Touch
  4. Sound
  5. Taste

How we process them in the physical body and the world around us is how we interpret our environment. Some also consider "thought" the 6th sense - the collective culmination of all the other senses.

As we take in external stimuli through our senses, we create an illusion of what we perceive is happening to us, around and within us. However, this is an illusion created by the mind stuff because no two people are interpreting the situation and stimuli around us in the same way.

This illusion keeps us connected to our physical or gross body and pushes us further and further away from Higher Frequencies like Love and Enlightenment, or as some like to state, the Source otherwise known to many as GOD or the Creator, the ultimate source of energy.

It is our goal in raising our frequencies to move from the physical body to recognition of the astral body and, ultimately, to understand the causal body since it connects us to the source on our journey to enlightenment.

For further reference, our Physical or Gross Body is the human body we live in during this life.

It is directly connected to the 5 senses. It is simply the vehicle during our physical incarnation that will eventually perish.
It impedes our spiritual growth by keeping our soul and connection to the source rooted in the physical world and under the illusion of our senses or Maya.

Our Astral (Subtle) Body is composed of our mind and prana. Prana, also known as life force, spirit energy, or breath of life, is the energy that is associated with our higher frequencies and surrounds us in the universe.

Our energy centers, Chakras, transmit this energy through our nadis or subtle energy channels. The more centered we are and the more we align our chakras, the more we can harmoniously transmit this energy for balance in this physical life of the mind, body, and soul.

Our Causal body, as it relates witness consciousness, it is the realization that the highest frequencies of the universe are omnipresent and all connected. There is no us, there is no them, as we are all one connection of energy.

We are the energy, the energy is us, and we are one with the Creator. Through this energy, all things can manifest, and we can attain bliss and enlightenment. As we turn within and connect to the source we can find love, joy, happiness, and bliss resting in our heart center and connected to all things.

When we speak of meditation and attaining higher frequencies, we are referencing how one can remove themselves from Maya, the illusion we live under in our physical bodies.

Through meditation, we can align the energy or prana that exists in the Astral Body and, ultimately, attain bliss through the direct connection and recognition that we are all one, we are all part of one source of energy, and all things are possible when we turn within to the heart center.

Understanding that this is the soul’s journey and does not come easily or overnight, we use tools, such as various religious teachings, prayer, and meditation, to move closer and closer to these frequencies of bliss and enlightenment.

In reaching higher frequencies, we recommend meditation as a pathway to clearing your energy and connecting to the source. Through various meditation techniques and practices, one can channel their inner prana/life force and connect closer and closer to the source.

While we all understand we must live in the physical world, the realization should be that we can be in it but not in it. And through mediation and non-attachment, we can raise our frequencies and move closer and closer to enlightenment. “In the opening and closing of the eyes worldly glory ends…”