The Essence Of Higher Frequencies

We would like to welcome you to Higher Frequencies. We aim to bring compelling content that raises the collective and individual frequencies of all our tribe members. It is our belief, and science would agree with us, that the world is made of energy that vibrates at various frequencies. Many religions and spiritual teachings talk about this energy as the source. The question remains, how can we make sure that our “attractor fields” are aligned with the energy that we would like to manifest in ourselves, others and in society? We will get into the discussion of attractor fields in later posts.

Previously the idea of the source, when spoken in the context of spirituality, was abstract and a qualitative exercise at best, however, we are fortunate to live in a time where science and spirituality are intersecting. The discussion of energy has moved into one that is quantitative as well.

Higher Frequencies was born from the thought process that certain musicians wrote in certain frequencies to evoke certain emotions. To highlight this, one can think to the emotions evoked from Gregorian chants, the music of indigenous and religious ceremonies or the popular music we listen to at home, at the gym or when we are on the move. This brought our tribe to the study of the Solfeggio Frequencies. The Solfeggio Frequencies refer to specific tones of sound that help with and promote various aspects of energy and can align our bodies energy centers or chakras.

Each of our core 7 chakras aligns with a particular Solfeggio Frequency, so in essence these sounds permeate all living things and can bring them into various alignment and healing modalities. The next piece of the puzzle is the study of Behavioral Kinesiology, a field of study led by Dr. John Diamond, which is an integrated system for assessing and evaluating the effects of all stimuli, internal and external, on the body, enabling us to arrive at a new understanding and synthesis of the integrative action of the body energy system.

However, the question remains how all this ties together in a digestible manner that can allow all of us to be better versions of ourselves, which in turn leads to a more harmonious society and world at large. Using Behavioral Kinesiology, Dr. David Hawkins was able to synthesize and express what he termed the Map of Consciousness. The Map of Consciousness is a scientific guide that maps out our god views, life views, the emotions we associate with and the process by which our energy is expressed as frequencies, of which the Solfeggio Frequencies fall in line with. In short, we are now able to look at the abstract thought process of us all being one, all of us being connected to the source and put scientific, relative thought process into play. The idea that all things permeate frequencies, which we can collectively and individually work on raising to become closer to each other, ourselves, love and transcendence. This allows for the betterment of ourselves, others, and the global community. Our hope is that we all learn, love, and vibrate on Higher Frequencies.