Self-Discipline – Tapas - Make a Better Version of Yourselves by Raising Your Vibration

Most people seek instant gratification. So, things are challenging. How do you cultivate self-discipline when the fast-paced world suppresses you with constant distractions?

Self-discipline, called Tapas in the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, is the third Niyama, and it is the ability to stay focused on our goals, control our impulses, and take control of how we want to grow.

The word "Tapas" comes from ancient Indian philosophy. "Tap" in Sanskrit means heat, which also translates to purification. Fire refines and transforms. So, Tapas is the fire inside that powers our efforts to surpass ourselves, overcome limitations, and elevate our minds.

It refers to the practice of consciously working to bring positive changes in our lives. It is the moment-to-moment choice to burn non-supportive habits and behaviors, disregarding momentary comfort for the future healing of mind, body, and soul. It helps us unlock our true potential and take the journey to become the best version of ourselves.

Tapas helps raise your vibration. If you have been following our posts, you may already be aware that vibration is the energy we operate at. When it is high, we align with higher frequencies like satisfaction, love, and joy, which help us achieve a gratified life.

Self-discipline is a catalyst in the process of raising our frequency and helping us bring down the self-jeopardizing patterns, boosting our energy to a higher level.

Guidelines To Incorporate Tapas Our Lives and Raise Your Self-Discipline

raise your vibration


Step #1: Set Clear Intentions: 

The first step is to determine your aspirations. Clarify yourself about what you want to achieve. We can write them down to remind ourselves of our goals. Once we clarify our intentions, it helps us stay focused by outlining our journey toward self-discipline.

Step #2: Make a Routine: 

A daily routine contributes to our efforts in cultivating self-discipline. Preparing a schedule that carefully divides our activities into dedicated time slots to contribute to skill development through meditation, exercise, and reading. Focus on sticking to the routine even amidst tempting and challenging situations.

Step #3: Indulge in Mindfulness: 

Mindfulness plays an integral role in our spiritual frequency. It is the technique of being present at the moment. Be self-aware. It is when we are at our best to observe our thoughts and emotions, improving our actions that do not rely on judgment.

When aware, we make conscious decisions suitable for our choices instead of giving into impulsive reactions.

Step #4: Accept Late Gratification: 

This world chases instant gratification. So, learning to delay it can be vital to our ability to enjoy ourselves.

We can train our minds to resist immediate temptations and focus on long-term benefits. The temporary unease of saying “no” to such temptations fails badly in front of the satisfaction of achieving our goals.

Step #5: Overcome Procrastination: 

Self-discipline and procrastination don’t work together by even a degree. Do not procrastinate. Instead, we can segregate our tasks into smaller, more manageable work and handle them one at a time.

We don’t like holding ourselves accountable. But it is necessary to set up deadlines and reward ourselves for promptly finishing our tasks. As it is said, the first step is usually the most complicated, but it paves the path toward success.

Step #6: Cultivate Willpower: 

The one thing anybody barely has - willpower. Like many things in our lives, practice strengthens it.

To bolster our willpower, we can set small challenges and increase the difficulty as we go. For instance, committing to daily meditation for 10 minutes and eventually extending the duration. It helps us celebrate our achievements. Each achievement, small or big, reinforces our willpower.

Step #7: Surround Yourself with Supportive Influences: 

Our surroundings are essential in shaping our behavior. We should be around like-minded or supportive people who support our goals.

One way to do this is to find mentors and join communities where we can learn from others with a strong sense of self-discipline. They can help us stay on track and encourage us to go beyond the average lifestyle.

Final Words

Cultivating Tapas is a powerful practice that allows us to enhance our vibration and become better than who we are. The steps above can help us tap into the fire within, refining and transforming our lives and ultimately attaining a higher frequency for the ultimate experience.