The Science and Art of Discipline in Listening

What we allow into our ears has a direct impact on the environment we are creating with our mind and whether our frequency is being raised or lowered. Let’s dive into how the sounds, speeches, and combination of words we allow to enter our ears affect our well-being and outlook on the environment and the people we encounter.

In one aspect we will focus on what we allow to enter our ears and how sounds and combination of words that we allow in can either raise or lower our vibration.  

In  another aspect we must give the proper attention and focus to someone who is communicating with us. If one is sharing energy in the form of sound, whether that be words or music, we want to make sure we are receptive, respectful, patient, and open.

As we move toward Higher Frequencies, we want to ensure what we listen to in conversation, music, and media vibrates at the levels we are looking to vibrate towards. The words we listen to and the sounds we hear all carry energy.  If we are not careful, what we listen to, can shape a world of fear, anxiety, and depression. 

Watching scary movies, listening to music that doesn't carry positive messages or frequencies, or listening to the doom and gloom of the news can all have a detrimental effect on our overall well-being. Rather we should focus on positive messaging and music that uplifts our energy and provides enlightenment in the messaging.  

We must be realistic and understand we cannot always prevent negative sounds from entering our space. When practicing discipline in listening we must remember that not every opinion is meant for your ears and meant for you. It is a good rule of thumb to focus and listen to sounds and words that ignite your heart with positive energy.  

A great way to counterbalance some of the negative sounds that might be taken in is to take a walk and listen to nature, have a conversation with a friend with uplifting subject matter or listen to classical music. We can be aware and find balance in our daily intake by practicing discipline in listening. 

A great tool to cleanse and purify the impurities created by the sounds of the past, is via mantra repetition. A mantra is a scared message, text or sound that vibrates at higher frequencies.  It is one of the best purifying modalities one can use and tap into no matter the time or place. 

Through discipline in listening, one becomes anchored in truth.  This leads to divine confidence, and divine conviction with oneself. We do not want to become deluded by listening to things that do not serve us or disconnects us with our highest selves. 

We also want to practice discipline in listening when another person is communicating with us.  In today’s hi-tech, fast paced world, too often, we multitask and become distracted when someone is talking to us.  

Whether we are in a lecture or speaking directly with a colleague or friend we want to ensure we are showing attention, respect, and gratitude as they communicate with us.   

It is important to make eye contact and listen with discipline as they too can have an uplifting effect on your mood and energy.  Giving someone your full attention can raise our vibration, conversely, trying to listen to many things at one is not only disrespectful, but depletes our energy and vibe.

Here are some guidelines that will allow you to be more disciplined in listening.

  1. Teach your ears to zero in on what is uplifting, on what enhances your vitality, on what relaxes your mind and on what is healthy in every aspect.
  2. If someone abuses you, you are under no obligation to accept their abuse, so you can ignore the sounds and words that are harmful.
  3. Do not allow your heart to grow harder and harder by accepting someone’s verbal abuse and holding on to that abuse. This makes it impossible to love another, forgive another and feel your own goodness within.
  4. You should not undermine your higher frequencies by listening to the opinions of evil, leering types of people. Those whose minds are perverted and whose habits are bad.
  5. If you keep listening to things that are not necessary to hear, the power of your hearing becomes weaker, and it weakens your ability to hear the truth.
  6. You can stimulate good energy and stamina from hearing good things about yourself from others. And in turn can contribute much more to humanity.
  7. Sounds, drums, and mantras have the power to purify the sense of hearing and to strengthen the cells and subtle nerves of the auditory system. They touch different chakras in the body, repairing the flow of energy.
  8. By listening to the sounds of sacred texts, your sense of hearing gets cleansed and strengthened and the mind naturally becomes calmer and calmer until it is completely absorbed in vibrations of truth.

Our ears are outgoing by nature and indiscriminate, they want to hear everything they encounter.  By listening to things that do not serve our higher frequencies, we misuse and drive our sense of hearing to exhaustion. This can cause our physical body to become prey to all kinds of germs and diseases by weakening our overall energy.

Discipline in Listening leads to a calmer mind, greater patience, and a slowness to anger. Remember THE UNIVERSE IS LISTENING – careful what you project and what you let in.