How Does Sound Healing Work?

When you’re down, does a song uplift you? If so, you’re using sound healing even if you are unaware of it. Is it a new healing technique? No, it is anything but new.

In ancient Greece, music cured mental problems. In colonialized India, freedom fighters sang songs to inspire the will to face all odds. At this very moment, someone somewhere, is plugged into their favorite kind of music to get by the day.

Sound is in us. Our every breath, every thought, and every move involves sound. It is the very fabric of our being, our ability to express ourselves, and it is beyond words or any language.

What is Sound Healing?

We have many emotions, and each vibrates at a different level. Sound healing or a sound bath is the way to usher these vibrations toward healing the body, mind, and spirit. The more positive your energy is, the higher frequency you will vibrate.

The method uses a variety of instruments to create a therapeutic ambiance, producing energies to help attain stillness and tranquility - a state of deep rest. We open ourselves to the frequencies, becoming aware of each wave, absorbing them, and activating our body’s ability to self-heal.

What are the Benefits of Sound Healing?

Using sound healing, a person can begin healing at a mental and physical level in the gentlest manner.

Benefits of sound healing

It Unites Us With Our Chakras

The therapy uses sound vibrations to clear energetic obstructions, liberate blocked energy, and balance chakras. Imagine it to be a replenishing bath of the mind. But it is not only the mind that can benefit from balanced chakra.

During sound healing, we also experience pleasant physical sensations. Sometimes, the body feels a tingling sensation, which we should let pass without attempting to own them. Doing so eases stiff muscles.

It Relaxes Our State of Being

Often, people cannot let go of their mental stress because their daily lives have not been so kind to them. It takes them more than one session to indulge all their senses in a sound bath. And yet, they reach relaxation.

Soothing, captivating sounds of tuning forks, gongs, and singing bowls trigger endorphin, dopamine, norepinephrine, oxytocin, and serotonin release. These are feel good chemicals that promote a good heart rate and improved blood pressure levels. Beating acute stress response becomes achievable.

It Helps Us Sleep Better

Sound healing benefits our sleep cycle as well. Just as we sleep better after listening to soothing music, sound healing works like deep meditation, activating slow brain waves and allowing us to sleep quickly and consistently.

The chief benefit here is that the therapy reduces stress and frees the mind of unnecessary thoughts. We wake up refreshed and rejuvenated.

Our body, mind, and spirit require balance. But we often lose ourselves in silence, sadness, and stress. We should gift ourselves the pleasure of time and self-love and allow healing of the body and mind. Sound healing could be just what we need.