Brahmacharya: The Fourth Yama: Practicing Non-excess

Brahmacharya, or non-excess, is the fourth Yama in Maharishi Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. It teaches indulging in pleasure without overindulgence. In Sanskrit, Brahma refers to absolute or the god of creation, and Charya means activity. So, the word Brahmacharya roughly translates to the work of the god of creation or moving towards infinity.

We can also look at Brahmacharya Yama from this point of view - transcending beyond small attachments and toward infinity. We must hone our perception and understanding and always be aware of the supreme intelligence.

Most people identify with physical bodies and spend most of their time and energy satisfying physical requirements. Often, we give ourselves in and yearn for sensual pleasures and even our sense of contentment with these pleasures.

But these pleasures are temporary and leave us wanting more. This dissatisfaction consumes our energy and efforts.

Moving beyond small attachments tells us that we are more than the physical body. We are part of the infinite bliss and a vast source of unlimited joy.

When connected with the infinite, we experience a fulfilling state of otherworldly pleasures. To do this, we must channel our energy into creativity instead of the daily pleasures of the physical world. When we do that, we become naturally decline towards any element that can disrupt our balance.

How Does Brahmacharya Benefit Us?

When we enter Brahmacharya mode and move into infinity, we become stronger. We become more than the physical body, abstain from sensual pleasures, release our weaknesses, and become pure consciousness, becoming Brahman and raising our inner strength.

By relaying our sensual energy, we can clear our minds, boost creativity, and focus. It is one of the major Brahmacharya benefits one can enjoy.

How to Cultivate Brahmacharya?

How to Cultivate Brahmacharya

Absorb Yourself in the Highest Level of Consciousness

Brahmacharya is a mental attitude toward sensual things where you focus on the absolute or divine instead of minute physical indulgences. In this state, the happiness and divine awareness you attain keep you free from sensual yearnings by keeping you fulfilled.

It is a powerful and effective way to cultivate Brahmacharya. You can open your heart to the divine consciousness by expanding your vision for life and putting faith in the universe.

Implement Non-Excess and Avoid Overindulgence

Discard yourself from unnecessary elements that distract you and eat away your energy. When you reduce the effort and energy on sensory extravaganzas and focus inward, your reliability on physical and impermanent things is replaced with inner peace and happiness.

By letting go of our impulses for anything excessive, from using social media to obsessing over perfection, we create an inner space to link with the higher self, eventually attaining Brahmacharya.

The intention is Necessary, So Intend for Brahmacharya

Surrender to your intention of attaining a higher power; not the kind villains want in movies or politics, but the power that helps you manifest self-control. Hereon, give it time to grow.

Don’t worry; it does not overpower your sensual pleasures. Instead, when this power strengthens, it spreads across the various indulgences in your life.

Allow Brahmacharya to Come to You Naturally

The practice of Brahmacharya leads to a limitless source of pleasure and joy. You will find your life to be more satisfying. To make the most out of it, you must let it unfold.

Do not be mistaken, for it does not prevent you from enjoying life. In fact, it makes life better because the practice of spirituality understands very well the negative impact of forcing someone to do something.

One of the best ways to implement Brahmacharya in life is to let it happen instead of doing it. Don’t push yourself or make it your primary goal. Also, don’t do anything that will make you feel guilty later.

Develop a Brahmacharya Yoga Routine

Brahmacharya, or non-excess yoga, can use meditation and pranayama to bolster your footing and allow you to grow. Practice breathing-based meditation techniques in your daily life.

There are many. For instance, using Balasana (child’s pose) with Prana Mudra and the mantra Om Somaye Namaha can work wonders for you.