Artificial Intelligence and Where It Falls Short of Creation

These days Artificial Intelligence (AI) seems to be just about everywhere in the news cycle and at the tips of the tongues of all age demographics.

Many our praising how it will revolutionize, and already maybe, our daily life’s.

Many are questioning the dangers of such a powerful nonhuman entity that lacks things such as empathy, the ability to feel emotions such as love and has the ability to outsmart and think just about any human being on the planet.

The Strengths of Artificial Intelligence:

The Strengths of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence strengths is that it can scrub the vast amount of information that is the public domain, learn from it and reason through it to an outcome better than a human can.

It can take in and analyze more data than person would be able to do in a lifetime. And can learn how to reason in the subject areas the same way humans do. Whether it be needing to write code, an email, finish a conversation, draw up legal documents or write an article, and no this one was written by a human, it seems there is nothing AI cannot do. Or is there, a key element missing for true creation, to be a true creator of things new and novel.

We believe this to be the case.

The Missing Element for True Creation:

As we have discussed on this platform before, we subscribe that humans are part of a greater consciousness.

A consciousness that cannot be seen but is rather felt through energy. Many experience it through prayer and meditation. It is what one taps into to create something from nothing.

These Higher Frequencies are the basis of creation in so many aspects of life.

One most look no further then to Music, Art, Fashion, and Food to understand that AI lacks the one thing that makes all these things beat with the energy that lightens our energy, takes away our breath and moves our soul.

It lacks what many refer to as a soul and the ability to tap into the frequencies and align creation of new mediums and works with the divine energy that exists around us.

He plays with his heart, she cooks with her soul, they design with the energy of the universe are just some phrases that radiate these sentiments.

How many times has an author or musician in an interview, when asked where the inspiration for a body of work came from, said I don't know I just sat down, and it comes out as if I am being guided by a higher power. This is transcendence, this is divinity, this is something that cannot be replicated by AI because at the end of day it is Artificial it is without a soul and therefore cannot vibrate higher and gain knowledge and wisdom from the universe.

It can be a derivative function of information that came before from other humans at a given moment in time.

The Limitations of AI:

The Limitations of AI

We want to be clear that we believe AI is an amazing new progression in the human experience and will hopefully be used to better our way of life in ways we have yet to imagine such as solving medical issues, environmental issues, and allowing for mundane tasks to be done with speed and efficacy. It may, however, also provide challenges to our way of life such as making certain jobs obsolete. And in the wrong hands of the wrong people might be used for to do harm and destruction to others.

We must however remember that all our spiritual teachings teach that we are fluid energy connected to each other and the universe and this is where true creation occurs.

AI will never have prana, a life force, and will never be able to connect to the energy of the universe for this reason so there is a limit to its ‘intelligence” and its ability to create.

It is simply the ultimate scan of the human experience and the illusion we live under that is perpetuated through our five senses.

Celebrating True Creators:

We must continue to celebrate and learn from the artists, the musicians, the chefs, the wine makers, the spiritual leaders, and the shamans/medicine workers, to name a few, because they are connected to a higher source of energy that a program lacks.

We must celebrate their creations of great art, thought food and drink. We must gather to listen to them perform the original works of music and view their original works of art. So, we may learn to love a bit more, ourselves and others, and continue to grow our energy and our light.

Losing Our Humanity to AI:

For we are spirits having a human experience and the further we move away from this to a world of AI the more we lose our humanity. And when we lose our humanity, we truly become a program or programmed. Last we checked the purpose of life was to live, to love, to learn and to experience an emotional spectrum that allows us to grow our souls.

Our humanity is part of that process and turning it over to Artificial Intelligence will surely allow it to be hacked and hijacked.


This is not an attack on AI as we do believe it is here to stay and can/will be tremendous support of our evolution, we just can’t let it become the main act and the main character.