Creating Brands with Purpose that Heal the Mind, Body, and Soul: Content (The Product) vs. Content (The Platform)

Whether you turn on your computer, your smartphone, or any other medium of digital communication we use these days you are constantly being sold something. You are being sold a story, a belief, a feeling; ultimately the consumer is being told that if they align with a certain image, item, or platform, it brings meaning and shapes the story of who they are and what they are about.

You can think of the brands you align with as paint we use to color in the story of our lives. Here at Higher Frequencies, we are more than aware of this, and it drives down to our core belief and reason for the creation of this platform, to be a vehicle of societal change and assist our tribes' members in learning ways to better who they are and what they are about.

Brands are messaging vehicles, and through our association with certain brands, we believe we are saying something about ourselves.

In the past, brands spoke of community social responsibility, which simply meant aligning with a charitable cause and giving back to the community the brand serves or aligns with. But given the new dynamic of digital and pop culture, more must be done, and a brand has a greater responsibility to be the vehicle of change.

Our core tenant at Higher Frequencies is to provide various spiritual tools that allow our tribe to be more connected with themselves and their community. We feel that brands have a new social responsibility to actively participate in the spiritual healing of the global human tribe.

Spirituality is the understanding that there is a spirit in us having a human experience. With all the division and divisiveness in the world, we believe the content of brand DNA is as important if not more important that the content of the products themselves. Products and their use come and go, but if you look at the great brands, they signify more than a use case.

JUST DO IT, a slogan that is ubiquitous within the athletic and wellness culture is a great example of this.

In three words NIKE expressed a motivational slogan, a way of life that resonates with people from all walks of life.

An expression that states no matter the obstacles, the trial, or the tribulations, put your best foot forward and just do it. But new times call for new responsibilities, and in the case of Nike, this was a slogan that merely led to the use of their footwear for competitive activities.

As we know, all things these days are based on content. Brands activate as a multi-sensory experience in most cases due to the content they project. Through this content, the user creates an image of the community, themselves, and their interaction with the community at large. For this reason, energy is created and sent out to the community past the use of the product, and this energy must heal and not harm.

We are all aware of the concept that words and thoughts manifest our reality. So, it should come as no surprise that if we are feeding our psyche with negative or low-frequency messages such as hate, mistrust, fear, blame, and regret it will mirror the reality we live in. That's where the brand messaging comes in, and content can be a warrior for social justice, personal growth, personal self-worth, and community engagement.

This is where the social responsibility of messaging comes into play. If a brand promotes harmony, love, grounding, personal exploration, spiritual growth, and respect for others’ beliefs, then the energy that is cultivated within the community at large will reflect the same.

Brands have greater social responsibility than ever. The slogan can’t just signify the use case for the item. The item just can’t solve for functionality. The brand must go further, in our opinion, and humanize who they are as an elder, a teacher, and a community member. It must provide the community with the tools to achieve a better way of life for all and to attain higher frequencies.

A spiritual awakening is occurring across the globe. Brands have the greatest reach and voice to aid in this awakening. We choose to align ourselves, our brand, and our community with the light and energy that has the power to heal ourselves and others. In our opinion, this is the calling of social responsibility as it relates to the modern-day brand platform. Otherwise, it’s just about making money and taking without giving.